Truck Driver Patch v 1.16 for is now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

– Revamped the AI right-of-way system. AI vehicles now yield more reliably to vehicles with right of way
– Revamped the AI braking system. AI vehicles should now de-accelerate more smoothly and accurately in all situations, causing traffic to look more natural
– Increased the opportunities for AI to switch lanes and overtake other vehicles
– AI brake lights should look more natural now, without flickering
– Adjusted AI vehicle collision bounding boxes
– Multiple performance optimizations
– Increased variety of cargo trailers available in repeatable jobs
– Fixed: After finishing Charlie Dover’s eight mission, a pop-up appeared on the left size with zero value
– Fixed: After completing a mission and changing the currency, a pop-up appeared on the right side without the updated currency symbol.
– Fixed: flickering shadows on distant terrain
– Fixed: text being clipped on the Passives screen on some languages
– Fixed: speed not showing as zero when the truck was stopped in some situations
– Fixed: memory leak that caused crashes
– Fixed: AI vehicles would sometimes fail to detect vehicles in front of them


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