Truck driver Post-Launch update

It’s time to address the future of Truck Driver.


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2 Responses

  1. malcolm holloway says:

    ok this game is so poorly devolped and the game at launch looked and played like an early beta rather than a full ready to release game,graphics poor gameplay poor map poor story very poor,graphics im sure my ps1 can do better things pop into screen everything solid no enviroment changes nothing moves no damage of anykind,gameplay is weak unrealistic nowhere near what its like to be a truck driver the map is maybe 2% the size it needs to be there is no variation in the roads or towns can drive round the whole map in 10 minutes,other vehiclles are poor just poor,the story is virtually non existant,this games needs to be totally redevolped and started again,there is no radio,omg this is so basic these days,i think this game was given to a 10 year old to devolpe,it should take me hours to do a job,i shouldget paid,i then should be able to spend cash on other stuff more realistic,citys should be citys,real more detail should take hours to get from 1 place to another,please please scrap this game start again and make it free for all those that have paid 35 pounds for it

  2. David says:

    chtelo by to zapracovat na te hre, je to novinka tak nad ni nelamu jeste hul ale za tu dobu neprisel zadny update s vylepsenim, chtelo by to rozsahlou karieru a hlavne mnohem vetsi mapu

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