Truck Driver supports mods for game

As you know, we’re in Closed Beta testing right now. In the meantime, we’re exploring the possibilites of adding mod support to Truck Driver on PC.

As you might know, mods range from all sorts of categories, from mission builders to skins & models and whole new maps. We’d love to have support for all of the possible sorts, but there’s only so much we can do.

That’s why I want to ask you today, what kind of mod support would you like to see in Truck Driver on PC? We’d love to know what you’d like, but I can’t promise anything about mods in Truck Driver at this point. This is just to explore our options and to prevent us working on stuff you might not even want in the game at all. That being said, let me know in the comments down below!


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11 Responses

  1. michael says:

    Great to hear your looking into mod support for truck driver on pc but will you please also include mod support for both Xbox one and PlayStation 4 also. Euro truck simulator 2 and American truck simulator are doing really well due to mod support and will help the console version to attract new players who enjoy or new to this type of game. You’ll also be able too see how the players want to shape the game and give you a heads up in what direction to take the game moving forward. I really hope you add mod support for console version as I’m going to buying a copy of the game myself and don’t want to see this game fail.

  2. chann says:

    michael made great point console mod support will be huge!

  3. Justin Stocker says:

    With mods this game could be huge… just look at the truck show sence… possibility is endless…. more trailers and to be able custom the trailers… more bull bars and extra lights… also the option to colour code the wheels… extra add on maps…as I said its endless…. massive chance here being the 1st truck sim on console

  4. garry Woolner says:

    Devs can you please add multi player to your game please so me and my friend can play the game together

  5. Becky says:

    Can anyone tell me how you turn on the headlights lol.

    • Tony says:

      HI Becky, did you ever work this out? We’ve followed the instructions on-screen which is a diagonal press of the + shaped direction controller, but, it just kills the engine and turns o the indicator.

  6. Philip Montgomery says:

    Dev’s can you please add more exhaust options for all trucks in the game and add modern American trucks as well cause there is no American truck simulator for consoles

  7. Dan says:

    Mod support for consoles

  8. Manu says:

    Pls make a better AI with more vehicles on the Roads. Wipers for Rain and a bigger map with more Truck stops and more Highways.


  9. James Nolan says:

    How do you turn on the headlights on PS4?

  10. Kate says:

    Where do I find the trailer at the construction depo and how do I attach it? Do I need a different truck??

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