Truck Driver’s new patch released today

Patch Notes

– Revamped the Menu/UI with an updated chat screen, so you can now “skip” and “reply”
– Multiple tweaks to the AI system. AI vehicles now react better to other traffic and switch lanes more effectively, resulting in a better flow
– Fixed an issue where multiple traffic lights were permanently set to red
– Fixed an issue where players playing in
– Arabic/Turkish language couldn’t start the game
– Fixed: “Can we fix it?’ Achievement/Trophy
– Fixed: “Yes we can!’ Achievement/Trophy
– Fixed some truck display issues in the garage
– Fixed a bug where players got a red light violation ticket while not running a red light
– Fixed a visual bug with the optional Venture truck exhaust
– Fixed an issue with windshield wipers
– Tweaked Stop & Go Braking system
– Fixed an issue where the dashboard light stays off after starting truck
– Fixed a crash when loading same save data in same session
– Fixed an issue where speed would display 3 km/h
– Fixed an issue where a player’s truck would sink in the road texture randomly
– Fixed a windshield wiper bug with the Venture EZ Travel
– Fixed an issue where AI vehicle’s horn sound would be audible with master sound at 0


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